Our Theme for Year 2023 “WE WERE MADE TO CONNECT”

We seek to build a church with Jesus as the foundation, where people of all walks of life are unashamed to worship God and live a life following him.

We see a Church that the community would miss if we ceased to exist.

We seek to be a voice at a local and global level to teach the ways of Christ and to draw people into an intimate relationship with Him.

We shall depend on the Holy Spirit, to contend for the supernatural power of God and see God impact people in a profoundly real way. To us this is not an option it is our heartbeat.

We see a church that outworks the mission of Jesus. Jesus came to give us life to the full – we will do everything we can to make this happen everyday!

We seek to provide hope and solutions where none are evident, a place where people can discover their purpose for living and with it find abundant life.

We will gather people and resources to feed the hungry, heal the sick and provide comfort to the poor and needy.

We see leaders raised up to help others discover their talents and to make their mark for good. To raise generations of children to be influential adults who know why they are here and to answer the question: “What am I here for?”

We see a church that is vibrant, thriving and growing right in Temecula area and beyond.

We seeTrellisCommunityChurch.